Music is a drug!

Music is a drugThe traditional Chinese character for medicine or drug contains the character for music. The top character pictured above represents herbs and grass related plants. The bottom character, also a character by itself, simultaneously means both music and joy. A traditional story reveals the connection between music and healing. The Yellow Emperor Huang di was revered as an accomplished and wise man. One of his jealous rivals, a ruler named Chi You was constantly attacking his province. Chi had a powerful military and was on the attack yet again when Huang di had a powerful dream that inspired a solution. He awoke and ordered craftsman to make 80 special drums from the hide of a magical ox. The two armies met on the battlefield …..

Kids Yoga

kids_yogaWest Portal is a great place to raise a family, that’s why one of our primary goals at Thriveability is to offer yoga classes for kids and families! In addition to our Adult Yoga Classes we provide a Family Yoga & Art 4-Week Series for children age 4 – 8 and their parents, as well as a Youth Yoga & Mindfulness 6-Week Series for kids age 8 – 13. These series happen four to six times a year. We also have a weekly Teen Yoga Class for 13 – 18 year olds.